Hey, loves! Coming at you with another post today! This one’s short, sweet, and full of practical tips. It’s all about turning our failures + mistakes into successes! I love this topic because for a long time, I hated failure. And any time I did fail, I would usually spend some (read: way too much) time beating myself up for it after, with my tail between my legs. But as time went on, especially after becoming an entrepreneur + coach, I began to realize there is a lot of power, growth, and benefit from failing, only if you’re willing to see it that way, as Yoda said in the latest ‘Star Wars’ movie (which I saw  last night) “The greatest teacher, failure is.”

If you can relate to any of this, you’re going to want to check this out. And if you can’t, then share it with someone who could use the reminder! <3

8 ways to turn failures + mistakes into successes:

1 | Acknowledge What Happened
Let’s start out with something simple, yet so important. The best way to make a failure a success is to acknowledge that it happened. If we ignore our failures, then they stay as failures. It is only we we bring them out into the daylight for all (or at least just ourselves) to see, then begins the opportunity to learn, grow, and transform.

2 | Understand What Failure ACTUALLY Means
Failure basically means not getting the outcome that was initially expected or desired. This is disappointing because so often, we think we’ve ‘got it all figured out’ and failure just feels like a slap in the face to remind us there’s still so much to be learned + created + experienced. We are quick to forget, that most of the greatest inventions, lives, companies, etc. have been the result of something not going as planned, rather they have been something better that came out of all of the other attempts and approaches. Ask yourself, what are the possible fruits of this outcome? Is there something better, more needed, etc. that can be created as a result of this? Or if not, what have I learned about what needs to happen differently next time?

3 | Get Objective
It’s all just information. The more personally we take our failures, the harder it is going to be to turn them into successes. Yes, there may be lessons to be learned about ourselves through what we did or didn’t do well, but that doesn’t mean you need to beat yourself up over it. We think if we criticize or bully ourselves enough, that will lead to change, but instead that usually just leads to sulking and self-loathing and a complete HALT of progress or forward momentum toward to outcome(s) we DO want. The best way to be resilient through challenging times + failures is to see your self-worth + value as inherent and that it is merely specific actions or ventures or conversations etc. that ‘failed’.

4 | Ask Questions
This goes along with the previous suggestion. See failure as one of your biggest teachers. Interview it. Ask others for their views on it. Find at least ONE thing it is here to teach you, if not more. Then get clear on how you’re going to incorporate that next time around.

5 | Apologize or Make Right, When Appropriate
Sometimes, our failures or mistakes have included hurting or misleading people along the way. Own up to making a mistake. Sincerely apologize. Make things right and clean up the mess when possible. Say how you’re going to be better + do things differently next time. Be thorough and genuine, but then… move on. Don’t dwell in the land of regret and sorrow forever.

6 | Celebrate
This includes celebrating both what you consider to be failures + successes. No one has failed without also succeeding. It can be as simple as succeeding at putting yourself out there or trying something new or different. That’s worth celebrating! This doesn’t mean we can’t admit failures, rather it’s shedding light on the failure in a way that brings the situation to light, a place where we can clearly find a solution, rather than hiding it away in the shadows + feeling shame, keeping us from ever trying something new again.

7 | Keep Going
Don’t let failure stop you. Sure, you may want to pivot or change your approach next time, but do not let a mistake or an unexpected, undesirable outcome stop you. There is a quote (attribution is debated, so I won’t say with certainty who said it, though many say Winston Churchill) that says: “Success is going from failure to failure with no loss of enthusiasm.” This is the key to success! To not let something going wrong be ‘the end’. If you’ve failed, it means you tried. Keep trying.

8 | Fail Better
And last, but certainly not least, be prepared to fail again. Samuel Beckett once said “Ever tried. Ever failed. No matter. Try Again. Fail again. Fail better.” That’s right. Fail again, fail better. Incorporate your lessons learned from your various failures; don’t get so caught up in what it means about you, just figure out a way to resolve the issue. Next time you make a mistake or fail you’ll have ‘failed better’, having learned from your previous experiences. (Shout out to my high school lacrosse coach for this quote sticking in my mind.)

SO! Go out there and FAIL, my friends! I can’t wait to see where this journey takes you.

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