“You’re not stuck.

“You’re just committed to certain patterns of behavior because they helped you in the past.

“Now those behaviors have become more harmful than helpful.

“The reason why you can’t move forward is because you keep applying an old formula to a new level of your life.

“Change the formula to get a different result.”

~ Emily Maroutian

I shared this excerpt from one of Emily Maroutian’s books on my Instagram story yesterday because I think it’s a message SO MANY of us need to hear.

One of the most common reasons people come to work with me is because they feel “stuck”.

I’ve felt “stuck”, too.

But what is “stuck”, really?

It means you’re upleveling.

It means you’re ready for the next chapter in one or more areas of your life.

It means you are growing.

It’s a beautiful thing to be stuck!

It means you’re evolving + changing.

That you’ve opened your mind up to different ways of thinking + viewing life.

It means you’re listening more to that inner voice, the one that is begging to be heard, the one that has so much wisdom to share, who knows you best.

It means you’re freeing yourself from beliefs of who you have to be and are beginning to embrace (and desiring to express) more of who you are.

It means that while your old patterns, lifestyle, thoughts, behaviors, habits, etc. most certainly served you at one point in time, they have done their job; you’re moving into the next stage of the ever-expanding potential of evolution.

It doesn’t mean we have to frown upon our ‘old selves’ with disdain, with a sense superiority, with an attitude of pity and/or “I’m better now”.

It means we can love that chapter of our lives that got us here, that was necessary to hold + support us until we were ready for this. 

It was the time where we learned so much, all the things + life experiences + emotions + stories + everything! All of that got us here.

We don’t look at a child and say “Oh, good. You’re SO MUCH better now that you can do algebra + make yourself a bowl of cereal + walk + use the toilet. You sucked before.”

No, we’re patient. We understand the only reason they’ve been able to grow is because of the stumbling + learning + failing that had to happen before that.

When we can move toward something rather than away from another,

when we can accept + love where we’ve been + where we are as a vehicle to move us forward rather than believing we must resent our past in order to truly embrace our future + prove that we’ve grown,

when we ask ourselves: “what patterns of behavior (and/or thinking) are no longer serving me?”

EVEN IF they once were what kept me afloat

THAT is when we get unstuck.

And getting ‘unstuck’ can take different amounts of time + may require different levels of support for each individual. There is no need to feel bad for how long you’ve felt ‘stuck’ – we are all on different journeys, with different resources, etc.

Remember: it’s not a race, and where we are and where we’ve been and where we’re going are not meant to be compared against one another… they’re different chapters of life, none inherently better than the other, and all needed.

All that being said, if you’re feeling stuck, keep all of this in mind and ask yourself questions. Things like:

What would someone who is thriving in X do? How would they show up in the world? (X being whatever you’re looking to move toward more)

Write down what you imagine being ‘unstuck’ in this area of your life would look + feel like for YOU. It doesn’t have to be what others are doing. Stay in your lane.

Then start making some shifts. A little bit at a time. All at once. Whatever feels most true to you + most valuable in this situation.

When we’re stuck, action is indeed important, but taking some time to pause, to reflect, to ask what we want, to get honest with ourselves FIRST,

will result in getting closer to where we want to be, will feel more aligned with who we are, and generally be a more powerful experience that actually moves us in a different direction in a meaningful way.

You’ve got this. <3

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