What is one thing you’d really, REALLY love to do, try, be, experience, create? You know, that thing you always talk about happening ‘someday’? (No shame here, most of us have at least one of those…) The one that lights you up head-to-toe, brings a smile to your face, and makes your heart flutter with excitement?

You don’t have to share what it is with anyone but yourself at this point, so pick something YOU actually want, regardless of what others may think.

Got it in your mind? Now, close your eyes, and really, really imagine it’s real and happening. Experience all of the feelings, emotions, sensations, and details that would come along with that.

The joy. The love. The relaxation. The serenity. The excitement. The alignment. The satisfaction… whatever it may be for you and your individual dream.

Now, my next question is what’s stopping you? I’m serious. Really ask yourself this. This isn’t about judging, it’s about getting curious.

Because nine times out of ten, it’s not your circumstances, timing, financial resources, etc.

Maybe you think that’s crazy, but for most of us, it’s the truth; I know it certainly has been for me.

I have learned in the past (and continue to be reminded as new challenges emerge) that this relates much more to my personal beliefs.

For example, when making the decision to quit my job to start coaching full-time. I came to learn it was not about the money.

It was about asking myself how important this dream ACTUALLY was to me in relation to other things in my life at the time.

It’s was about my belief that I didn’t have the courage needed to step up in the world and risk standing out.

It was about my belief that deep down I didn’t DESERVE my dream and wasn’t worthy of it.

It was about my belief that you can’t be both happy and financially secure.

It was about my belief that I didn’t have the time to make it happen or the belief that I shouldn’t or can’t trust my gut, or the belief that if I put myself out there, no one will support me, and everyone will criticize me along the way. It’s all of these things and more.

It was my belief in myself. 

And my guess is that for you, love, it’s about your beliefs, too.

I’m here cheering you on. I think you’re amazing and that you can do anything you put your mind to, and I’m sure you can see that in the people around you.

But can you see the truth of this in yourself, too? This is where I struggled a lot. I didn’t see it in me, but I eventually realized it’s there. And it’s in you, too.

Maybe it’s buried really deep inside because you haven’t accessed that powerful center within yourself in a long time (or ever), but I promise it hasn’t gone anywhere, and it’s waiting for when you’re ready.

As for the dream you thought about earlier: I’m not saying you have to go out there and do it right this minute. (But by all means, if that feels good – go for it!) Actually, I’m not even saying you have to go after it…ever. (Wait, what?!)

But if not, be willing to admit that maybe you DON’T actually want this a lot, or at least not right now. Find solace in not having to feel bad about not being *there* or even wanting to be *there* right now. Open up to the idea that you are totally allowed to accept life as it is in this moment, and know you are exactly where you need to be.

Or perhaps you’ll find it helpful to dive more deeply into understanding what beliefs are getting in the way of that goal. It may help you to better understand how to make it happen one day or possibly lead you to realize there’s a lot of emotional energy or baggage attached to this dream, and going after it will require that first you are ready and willing to dive in head-first and work through that.

Or maybe asking yourself this question will lead you to the realization that the dream set sail long ago, that there’s an entirely different dream that appeals to you much more now, or maybe even that your life is actually already your dream, when it really comes down to the core of what’s important to you.

Be willing to recognize, honor, and maybe even embrace that shift in yourself. It’s OK to let go of a dream; it doesn’t mean you failed. It means you’ve grown in your life, and you have new dreams and priorities. It means you are a normal, healthy human who is willing to flow with the ebb and tide of life, rather than resisting one of the few certainties: that change is inevitable.

Wherever this exploration takes you, know that your willingness to explore is a huge step in and of itself. Be patient with the process, and most importantly, be honest with yourself – it’s the only way through in the long-run.

When it comes down to it, I believe that each of us has the ability to turn our dreams into reality, but to access and use the innate power needed to do so, YOU must also deeply value and believe in yourself and your potential.

I’m sure most of us have realized by now, it doesn’t matter how many people tell you that you can do it, you have to believe it, too.

Sure, achieving specific goals can help to reinforce that belief, but they should not be the only source of that knowing. Faith, by nature, implies believing in something without needing proof or evidence. It requires trust and an inner knowing that something is real, whether or not it shows up in the visible world right now.

Well, having faith in yourself is no different. It’s knowing that even if you don’t *achieve* certain goals or meet certain standards or expectations, your worth is inherent and has never gone nor will it ever go away.

Harness that power to make your dreams come true. Or simply use it to love yourself a little more. To be at peace with where you are, or to give yourself a break from chasing a dream you never really wanted in the first place.

You’ve got this. <3

As always, feel free to share this with anyone who may find it helpful, and I look forward to hearing how it helps you.


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