Confused why you can’t seem to change things even though your family is awesome + loves you?!


I know for some people, it’s clear where things went wrong. Growing up was rough, and there are clear, distinct memories + incidents that have led you to where you are today.


…I also have talked to a lot of people lately who are confused. They feel stuck, trapped in patterns, unable to be where they want to be in life.


…it feels so unclear to them why. They reiterate time and time again how amazing their family is or how they’ve never really experienced anything too traumatic or heartbreaking.

They think…well, it must just be me, then. It’s gotta be just about moving forward and pushing through.

So I let them try that for a bit if they are adamant, but eventually, it’s time to cut the crap and get to the point…

watch this week’s video to hear more about why.

You’ve got this. <3

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