Being brave is not about being fearless, it’s about feeling and acknowledging it and still finding the courage within you to do it anyway. A lot of people who do brave things didn’t do them without fear, rather they decided that fear wasn’t going to be in the driver’s seat. In fact, it is often the presence of fear itself that defines these acts as ‘brave’.

Think about it. Many people wouldn’t consider it brave to choose to eat a sandwich for lunch because the large majority of us aren’t afraid of this. However, consider that for someone who has struggled with a life of disordered eating patterns, eating a sandwich could be an incredibly scary/brave act. Perhaps this decision is super brave for them because while it truly makes them nervous and anxious, they do it anyway as an act of dedication to their recovery; they have the courage to do something out of their comfort zone.

On that point, it’s worth noting that being brave isn’t always about these big, sweeping acts of courage. In fact, many times being brave has to do with the small, ‘mundane’ things, like the sandwich-eating. The staying. The leaving. The stillness + silence. The tough conversations… I’m willing to bet you have been brave many, many times and not even realized it.

What is brave for you may not be brave for others. How can you recall a brave moment? A time when you were afraid, yet you still did what you knew had to be done.

Celebrate your brave soul, know it’s OK to be afraid and that doing something brave while being afraid doesn’t make it any less worthy of celebration.

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You’ve got this. <3

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