Ever feel like everyone is always saying to find your purpose?


While that wasn’t always commonplace, it is a popular mindset now.

Clients, potential clients, friends + family, former co-workers,

ranging across ages, genders, income levels, and more…

so many people come to me with a level of frustration, inadequacy, confusion.

They say “I need to figure out my *purpose*!” or “I don’t know what my *purpose* is in life! Help!!” (or something of the like)

Finding our *purpose* has become yet one more thing for us to pursue,

one more yardstick to measure ourselves up against,

one more thing for us to be able to say we’ve succeeded at.

And even as someone who fully supports people in moving closer to what lights them up,

I also think there are a few things worth considering that might make this all much less frustrating. I wrote down 5 of them to share with you today.

1. Your *purpose* likely isn’t going to become clear by sitting around + ruminating about it

Get out in the world. Explore. Experience. Do what TRULY lights you up. Strike up conversations. Stay curious. Try new things.

Do more of what makes you lose track of time.  Embrace opportunities. Meet new people. Take chances.

Break out of your routine + try things that are different, uncomfortable (in a good way), challenging. Help people out.

Spend some time in solitude + silence. Take a different route to familiar places. Look up from your phone. Make plans to meet in person.

Do this, and you’ll be much more likely to get to know yourself than lying around trying to strategize abut your *purpose*.

And if nothing else, life will become a hell of a lot more interesting + exciting, and… perhaps that’s the exact purpose you’ve been seeking?

2. Your *purpose* may be right in front of your face, but you’re too stressed to even be able to see it

This one’s pretty self-evident, but I think it’s important to say.

Have you ever been running late for work like “Where the heck is my phone (or glasses, keys, etc.)?!”

And then you look down, and there it is….

right in your hands (or on your head, in your pocket, etc.)?


When we’re running around like mad, we get tunnel vision + lose our ability to pick up on subtleties, things that are staring right at us,

because we’re so focused on getting to (or finding) the thing we’re after,

when perhaps, it has been right in front of you all along?

3. Your *purpose* isn’t ONE thing

We’re all here to contribute in many ways,

so while, sure, you may be seeking a meaningful career path that feels like a true calling,

recognize that your *purpose* in life is up to you to define.

There is no one right answer.

We must all decide for ourselves what the whole “point” is.

Yes, I think having meaningful, fulfilling work is important, and I don’t want to downplay that.

However, I also think that when we can embrace that perhaps we have many things to offer to the world,

we can focus on offering what we do know that we have, while the rest slowly makes itself known.

Instead of going out there and living life in our fullest expression, we’re waiting.

We’re saying basically that, for now, we’re just gonna operate in one way that feels crappy until we find our *purpose*; THEN we’ll really make a difference.

But what about making a difference now with the incredible person you are?

It doesn’t take much if we’re open to seeing our greatness + shining it out into the world.

4. You’re much more likely to move forward in meaningful ways if you aren’t obsessed with hating where you are right now

Acceptance of your current reality (whether related to *purpose* or otherwise) sets you up for much greater clarity + inner peace,

regardless of where the journey takes you.

Stop waiting for things to make you happy + start creating happiness NOW.

Admittedly, I didn’t do this, and a part of me wishes I had.

“Wherever you go, there you are.”

Finding your *purpose* isn’t a cure-all. Nothing is.

Everything comes with it’s own unique challenges.

So until you get clear on what that thing is going to be for you, spend the meantime build up your resiliency + problem-solving skills so that you can hit the ground running whenever / if the time comes!

5. Your purpose doesn’t have to be your career path

Maybe you didn’t expect this one to come from me. Maybe you did.

Either way, given everything I’ve shared above, this feels like the best way to close it out.

If your career + your *purpose* are one in the same, AWESOME!

If they’re not, ALSO AWESOME!

If your purpose is meant to be your career, you’ll know. If not, you’ll also know.

And sometimes, the only way to figure that out is to try.

However, just know that if your career + your *purpose* are NOT the same,

that most certainly does NOT preclude you from living a satisfying, enriching, fulfilling, joyous life.

It doesn’t mean you need to give up on having a great life or feel like you’re settling.

It doesn’t mean you can’t create meaning in life or stand for something more.

Go out there + be interested in all that life has to offer; see where it leads you.

Rather than picking an end point + sticking to it at all costs because you feel you’re “supposed to”,

what if you just began by choosing to spend your time doing things that you ENJOY, things that pique your curiosity, things that you desire to try?

I bet you’ll learn some interesting things, especially about yourself!

And lastly, it’s useful for ALL of us, *purpose-seekers* or not, to take some time each day to pause + take a couple of deep breaths.

Know that it’s OK. That you’re OK. In fact, you’re probably GREAT. To set intentions for the future + express gratitude for our past.

And onward we go!

You’ve got this. <3

As always, feel free to share this with anyone who may find it helpful, and I look forward to hearing how it helps you.


P.S. If you need some help with this (or other related topics) and are interested in possibly working together, leave a comment below or hit ‘Contact’ above, and let’s get talkin’!